Love Story of a Transgender Woman

I’m a transgender woman, I’m willing to share my story with everyone here, because I hope all transgender people can meet their true love.

Like most of transgender women, I was lack of confidence at first. when I was still a boy several years ago, I was outgoing, and I decided to change my gender into female when I was 20. In fact, I knew that I’m a girl at a very young age. As a transgender oeman, I think I’m the lucky one, because my families all support my decision. Whe I told my dad that I want to be a girl, he was surprising at first, but soon he told me just live the way I like. I dressed like a girl after school at home, and I really enjoy that moments. I started to consult doctors for treatment when I was about 18, the cost of treatment is high, and thanks to the help of my families, I went through the first surgery when I was 20. This is just the start of my transition, I went through another two surgeries in the following three years. This is a hard process of all transgender people.

Now, I’m living as a real woman. The same as all woman, I wanted to meet the right one for a life time relationship. However, finding a dating serious dating partner is more difficult than what I thought. It is easy to find a dating partner for fun and hookup, but when it comes to life time relationship, everything changes completely. After several times of frustrated dating, I lost my confidence. I refused to date anyone for a long time. However, love comes without warning. My friends introduced a transgender dating app to me, and I decided to have a try. In fact, I’ve already give up hope of meeting a life partner online. I created an account on this trans dating app, several days later, I got an email from a man, I replied to him with some impolite words. I didn’t pay much attention to him, because I’ve received many messages before. He continued to send messages to me everyday, and I continued to reply with impolite words. One day, he sent a long letter to me, I was so surprising that he wrote to share a lot of his information with me. I felt that he was sincerely to date with me. I replied a letter and told him who I am, I’m a transgender woman, I’m looking for serious relationship not for hookup and fun. When I read his profile I knew that he was looking also looking for seriousrelationship with trans woman. I’m so lucky to meet such a man. We had the first date soon, everything went well in the first dating. We both believe that we are the right one of each other after several times of dating. We are in a love relationship now, and we are pretty sure we are the life partner of each other.

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Why are so many Filipino trans women looking for love abroad?

When you look at singles on transgender dating sites, you may notice that the majority of transgender people are trans women from the Philippines, which raises the question: why are so many Filipino transgender looking for love among foreign men? Is it all about money? Or is there something sincere behind their intentions? Look, if they’re just desperate for money, there’s nothing left to write about. Of course, there are some transgender girls who don’t mind receiving money for a service, but here we’re talking about honest and decent transgender women who are looking for true love and lifelong partners. As a matter of fact, there are now a lot of decent Filipino trans women looking for foreign men to find relationships. So why do these trans women like to date foreign men? Here’s what our study found.

Foreign men are particularly popular among transgender asians

Have you ever wondered why you like Asian girls? Because they are so feminine and they are attracted to their natural elegance, right? In other words, in the eyes of western men, they are so different from the girls who live in their country. For exactly the same reason, Filipino transgender women prefer foreign men: they often look masculine, taller and whiter. These are probably the most obvious qualities that distinguish western men from local filipinos, and therefore make them so popular among Filipino shemale people.

Foreign men are committed to trans relationships

That’s basically the main reason that transgender people are not just interested in money. In fact, Filipino men are not keen on having a formal relationship with a transgender woman, and they have many reasons to do so. Still, local men may dream as much of a transgender girlfriend as western men, but they worry about disappointing conservative parents. The Philippines is a Catholic country with a strong religious faith and conservative views of family and relationships. That’s why any man willing to introduce a transgender girlfriend to his parents is most likely to face opposition and criticism from his family and society. As strong believers, Filipino men may also feel guilty before god.

Foreign men can bring confidence to the future

This reason can be said to have nothing to do with the desire for luxury. While Filipino transgender people live in a society where people don’t know what will happen tomorrow, western men have a completely different mindset and tend to plan 30 years in advance. Of course, transgender people prefer to find a foreign partner who will give them financial security and confidence in their future. Of course, not all transgender people are poor, and many of them have decent jobs or come from wealthy families. Even these girls are looking for a foreign man to date!

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Men’s Body Language in Transgender Dating

Not everyone is honest enough to tell you how they feel and think, however, their body language can tell you a lot. In most situations, we can get an idea about what other people think by they way they act. When it comes to dating, most of us want to know what other people think about us, but it is not easy to explore the inner heart of other people, the same as transgender dating. it is never easy for a trans woman to find a perfect life partner in life, so it is important to know men’s opinions on trans dating and trans women. It is rude to ask them directly, but you can also learn a lot by their body language.

Raise his eyebrows

Have you ever met someone raising his eyebrows when talking with you? Many people may don’t know that eyebrows are important parts to show your facial expression. When he is surprised or flirtatious, he is likely to raising his eyebrows. Raised Eyebrows are great facial expressions to show that he is interested in what you say, or curious about your speaking.

Open his mouth

If his is open his mouth while you are talking, it means he is carefully listening what you are saying, or he is interested in what you are saying. He is interested in the topic you are talking about. In this occasion, you can share some interesting things with him, and ask him to interact with you. In this way, you can know more about him.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important when communicate with other people, it can make or ruin the communication. If you are dating a man, who keeps eye contact with you during the dating, that’s great. It is a sign that he is really enjoy the dating, and he is interested in the dating. However, some people are easy to get nervous when date with trans women, so they can’t keep eye contact while dating trans women. It doesn’t matter, because nerves cannot be avoid easily. He needs to practice more, then he can communicate with you in a free way.

Scratching his head

Have you ever met someone scratching his head while talking with you? When faced with some serious problem they cannot answer, some people tend to scratching their heads frequently. In this occasion, you may need to change a relax topic, and stop ask him any questions.

Touch the knees

How can his knees express his feelings? The way he use his knees can also shows his feelings. If he is sitting neat to you, and his knees touch your knees accidentally, it is not by accident, it is a way of flirting. How to response to his flirting? It depends on whether you are interested in him. If he is the one you want, you can show your love to him by this way. If he always move close to you, it means he wants to be closer to you.

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Benefits of online transgender dating

If you are a single and busy with your work at daily time, then online dating can help you a lot. If you are a single who want to date a transgender person, then online trans dating can be your best choice. Online ts dating may sounds funny and unbelievable, but it is actually the most effective may for shy people to meet their transgender dating partners. No matter what kinds of people you want to date, you can meet the right one on trans dating sites. Dating is out of style in many young people’s eyes, they prefer to date online, since online dating can provides them with many different choices. Internet makes it easy to connect with people from all over the world, no matter where are you from, you can easily find your dating partner in your location. For people who want to date transgender people, online dating makes it possible for them to meet more transgender people. Without the help of online dating, don’t know there are any ways to meet transgender people in my location.

Why there are more and more people join online dating sites?

1. Young people are busy with their work schedules, they don’t have spare time to date someone in real life. Online dating is more convenient for them to meet new people and make new friends, and they can also find their life partners by this way. For most of young people, time-saving is one of the benefits of online dating.

2. Some people are too shy to date someone in real life, so online dating can help them a lot. They don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger. Through online dating, you are free to express yourself. If you are shy or don’t know how to chat with other people face to face, you can join an online dating site.

3. Online dating sites provide with us many different choices. According to personal preference, some people have special dating needs. For example, more and more guys want to date transgender women. However, they don’t know where to meet transgender women in real life, so they join online trans dating sites to meet their trans dating partners.

4. People are living in limited space now, they are busy with their works and don’t have any time to make new friends. Online dating is not only a platform to find life partners but also to make new friends. Many young people join online dating sites to make new friends. Online dating site is really a great way to make new friends with common interest.

5. Online dating is a personal space, it is private and safe. Let’s take trans dating as an example, many trans people don’t want to share their life and dating experience with other people in real life, so they choose to date online. Some of guys who date transgender women my don’t want to date in public places, so online dating is a great choice for them.

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Some Mistakes Men Make On Transgender Dating

The mistake of transgender dating will happen. Murphy’s law proves it. Larry accidentally took his vegetarian date to the steakhouse. Mark locked his key in his car with the light on. Alan forgot to set his alarm for daylight saving time, so that he was an hour late for riding with Claire. Mistakes like these keep men from falling asleep until about the time of the trans dating. Because no one is perfect, some disasters are inevitable. That’s why we emphasize paying attention to things that can be avoided. Honest mistakes are usually forgiven. A person from insensitivity or selfishness may not be. Here are some things you can decide in advance to avoid in a ts dating.

The body moves too fast.

Physical attraction plays an important role in ts dating. But pushing a new transgender relationship into the sexual realm too soon is a big mistake, and often counterproductive. That means potential partners and you must work together to foster a sense of trust and mutual respect. Generally speaking, men may be eager to kiss on a first date while women are not ready. A man may be “all hands,” while a woman wants him to be a loner. Don’t move too fast, give her room to retreat and feel safe, because you know you can show restraint.

Flirt with other trans women.

When you’re dating a transgender woman, a woman wants you to focus all your attention on her. No matter how cautious you think you are, when other trans women have been to your room, she’ll notice. When you’re flirting with other trans women, it’s a clear sign that you’re not interested in her. To avoid this mistake, make sure you keep your eyes on your date while keeping your mind focused on what she says.

Men talk too much and listen too little.

When a transgender woman is dating a man, she quietly asks herself, will he see me for real? How would he treat my dreams, goals, and fears? Many men give the answer, yes, but it’s not the one they’re looking for. They talk about their experiences as if they were looking at their resumes. Here’s a little hint that there’s no need to tell your date how great you are. Let her discover for herself. Instead, spend an evening asking thoughtful questions and listening to every word she says will make her feel more favorable to you.

Be rude to others.

Some men don’t realize that their date is looking for clues about how he will treat her and others. If a man yells at a waitress when something isn’t right, or condescends to a parking valet, or tells a hurtful joke, it’s best not to expect a second date.

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Some Important Makeup Tips for All Transgender Women

If you’re a transgender woman, beauty is definitely one of your priorities. In fact, many transgender women want to be in the vanguard of fashion. When it comes to beauty, fashion and style, shemale women push the envelope. If you’re a transgender woman and you want to make your appearance more attractive, then you better start with your face. People usually pay attention to a person’s face first, so for transgender women, faces play an important role in their femininity. If you want to make a first impression as a woman, you must learn and master the techniques of makeup. Here are some insightful tips to help you learn how to put on the right and beautiful makeup.

Learn more about makeup

If you’re a trans girl, you may have made many adjustments during and after the transition. Because you grew up as a male, you must learn things that women have to know and master to be a full woman. Fortunately, there’s plenty of information to help you become the complete woman you’ve always dreamed of. To master the art of makeup, you must know everything about makeup. Buy a few books on makeup to read, or look online at makeup video will let you learn a lot about makeup. By studying, you can learn some important information about makeup. For example, how to make up, what color of eye shadow suits you, what kind of makeup do you suit, etc.

Buy quality cosmetics

To have a nice makeup look, choosing the right products and tools is a prerequisite. As mentioned above, you must first determine which brush and product you know is best. You should know that high-quality cosmetics are not cheap. However, they also don’t have to spend a lot of money on every piece of cosmetics. The key is to spend the majority of the money on some cosmetics, and some ancillary cosmetics can be bought cheaper. Quality brushes are a must-have item for makeup, as they give you more control over your makeup. So you can buy a slightly more expensive set of brushes because they are more durable.

Choose makeup that works for you

Because there are so many different kinds of cosmetics, you need to spend a lot of time carefully selecting the right one for you. The main ones are foundation, foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick, which come in a variety of colors and you’ll need to experiment with different colors to see which is best for you. I suggest you go to some quality cosmetic stores, where the salesperson will give you some useful advice, which will save you a lot of time.

Lipstick is important

Lips are an important part of the face, and the color of your lips will determine whether your overall look is a success or not. The color of lipstick should be matched first with other cosmetics used on your face, and second, the color of lipstick should match the color of the clothes you are wearing. As for the color scheme, you can read more fashion magazines.

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The Best Place to Find A Transgender Woman

Transgender dating is now gaining popularity among more men because transgender women have traits that cis women don’t. It’s well known that for some trans men and trans women, it’s hard to find the perfect local transgender partner. Based on some research on trans dating, we know that looking for transgender people in certain places increases your chances of successfully dating them.

There are plenty of “ladies” in big cities like New York, Berlin, London and Paris, where you might find transgender women. But unfortunately, it’s fair to say that 99% of transgender people don’t choose to go to those big cities because they don’t see themselves as a deal. These transgenders are more likely to call themselves men or women than transgender people.

Bars and nightclubs are also good places to find transgender women in most cities. If you just want to hook up or play, these places are perfect for you. Because there are so many suckers out there, you just pay enough money and you get what you want. But if you’re looking for a transgender woman to develop a serious relationship with you, then you shouldn’t choose to go there.

As a matter of fact, many trans people hate these ladyboys because they are transgendered to make money by performing them. This is completely different from the original intention of transgender people. Because of this behavior, most people think of transgender people as a means of entertainment. In fact, for real transgender people, they just want to find a partner to develop a serious relationship after the sex reassignment surgery, instead of using that identity to make money. In a sense, the existence of ladyboys has brought more discrimination and misunderstanding. So if you’re looking for a life partner and a serious relationship, neither a bar nor a nightclub is a good place to be.

In fact, online ts dating sites and trans dating apps are currently the best place to find a trans date. Online dating has become increasingly popular in recent years. On the other hand, it takes less time to encounter trans women on some location-based trans dating sites and apps. For example, if you live in Singapore and you want to find a transgender partner living in Washington, you only need to take a few minutes setting up location information on the website to search for all transgender female users living in Washington. Online dating tools are so easy to use that you don’t have to spend hours looking for them on other social platforms. Plus, some of the support features of transgender dating sites and apps can help have a better user experience to increase your chances of meeting local transgender people.

Don’t describe a genetic woman as normal when you’re talking to a trans woman alone, because that makes her feel like she’s not normal. There’s no doubt that transgender women can never be genetic women, even if they’ve had sex reassignment surgery. That’s why they never want to compare themselves to genetic women. So when you’re talking to a transgender woman, don’t compare them to a genetic woman.

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Transition Mistakes Often Made By Transgender Beginners

There are some common mistakes which are made by most transgender beginners. I’d like to point them out. If you are a transgender beginner, just keep reading and I’m sure you will find them useful.

Wearing too much makeup. Many MTF transgender beginners wear too much makeup because they want to hide their manly appearance as much as possible. They are so terrified that they don’t look like a woman or look passable enough. Makeup is like a protective shield for us. The less we wear, the less security we have. As a matter of fact, the more makeup you wear, the less like a girl and less passable you are. For cisgender people, one of the recognition marks of shemale women are makeup. If they see a woman who wears bright-colored and exaggerated makeup, especially when you have a little bit manly body structure, they can definitely see you right through that you are a transgender. That is why you are getting clocked. Makeup is about hiding your disadvantages and show off your advantages. If you have a skin that has coarse pores, you can wear some light foundation to cover them. If you have nice eyes, just slightly put some eye shadows and eye liners on. Try to keep it as natural as possible. Remember, less is more.

Wearing too much feminine clothing. This is the biggest mistake made by many transgender women. Usually when they first start transitioning, they are so eager to demonstrate femininity. Many of them would wear super sexy clothes, such as camisole with lace edge, fishnet stockings with high heels, black stockings with pink miniskirts, etc. These are all major taboos in wearing. Hardly can you find any cisgender women would wear like these. They are far from sexy, only erratic and tasteless. Try to keep your wearing as casual as possible. Only one piece demonstrates your sex appeal will be enough, or you will get just the opposite to what you wish. Also, you have to spend much more effort on learning how to match colors. For example, do not match pink miniskirts with black stockings. Do not match any bright-colored top with another bright-colored pants. Try to stay low-key. Do not catch attention, or you will get clocked as well.

The last is body language. This is also cause by the fear of “unwomen”. After being used to be a male for years, suddenly many transgender women do not know how to behave. How to walk like a woman? Will the way I walk give me away? Is the way I talk lady-like? Am I getting clocked for the behavior I just did? It is because of too much concern and too much care, they don’t know how to be themselves. They would behave in a way they think it’s sexy and feminine. Stiff shoulders. Waving hips. Feigned arms. These are all funny behaviors which may give you away. Try to behave naturally. Be relaxed. Don’t force anything. Don’t overkill it.

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Why Transsexual dating is not for Narrow minded people?

Transgender dating is something that is not related to regular dating and some people around us won’t consider trans dating a good thing for society and that’s the reason why transsexual people are been discriminated all over the world.

Some narrow minded people thinks that transsexual isn’t anything and it’s a disease that affects the society and has to be cured. But they never think that transsexual are to human being like us and they owns the same right to live and love as same as cis genders have. Right to love or right to live is something that is personal and depends on particulars choice. There is nothing that society or a culture came to action and suggests advice or tells them how to live, love and stay in society.

There are some wired reasons that literally tell you that a ts dating is not meant for these narrow minded people. Due to their narrow thinking they never consider transsexual people as an integral part of the society and they never contribute in wellness of the society. In fact they think that transsexual people will ruin their culture and giving a bad impression to society. But this is all not done and there isn’t anything real in this. There are many transsexual people around all over the globe that lives a good life after Trans and contributed well in the society.
Many of them never deserve a transsexual date and there are many examples to that. We have listed few of them that never deserve a transsexual date and here’s the reason for that why they don’t deserve a transsexual date due to their narrow thinking.

Transsexual women are only good in bed and not as a life partner – there are people around us that are looking for a transsexual woman only to date with her and not to make them their life partner. In other words, we can say that they think that transsexual women won’t be their life partner and they never consider them in a relationship for long term. Transsexual woman are only good in bed and to fulfill their sexual pleasure.
These kind of narrow minded people never deserve a transsexual date and a transsexual woman.

Introducing a transsexual women to their family, friends and in public areas isn’t a good Idea – yes, there are people that are quite okay to go privately with a transsexual woman and enjoy their transsexual dating but when it come to public their relationship they just run away and don’t want to see with a transsexual woman publicly.

They even never introduce their transsexual women to their family, friends or relative and don’t like to go out with them in public areas. This is another reason that they don’t deserve a transsexual woman and off course a transsexual date.

There are many other people around the globe that have more weird reasons about transsexual women that simply describe their narrow minded thinking towards transsexual community.

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How to Make A Good Impression On Your Transgender Girl On The First Date?

It’s well known that bragging is bad, but if you want to capture your transgender date’s heart, it’s important to make a good impression. First of all, you should be happy that you have reached a height. Now that your transgender girl has agreed to date you, you should hang on to her. Don’t waste your first date by making a good impression, and you’ll be one step closer to your transgender girl.

Her Favorite Food

There’s nothing worse than you and your tranny date struggling with what to eat. To make a good impression, ask her what her favorite food is. So you don’t struggle with what to eat on your date. Now that you know what she likes to eat, he’ll be impressed if you know how to arrange a date. When you talk to each other, does it make a good impression if you mention how you remember her favorite foods. This will make her think you care about her and what she says. Talking about your dreams and achievements is different from bragging. She has to know what your goal is, so she thinks you’re still a motivated person like her. If you share your goals with her it will make her feel like you’re a thoughtful person. It will also leave a good impression on her.


Instead of just talking about the surface article, you have to subtly insert something into the conversation that shows your empathy. For example, you can talk about how much you love animals or you want to help starving children around the world. It’s not that you have to use the above example, but you have to show her that you are kind and compassionate. It’ll impress her. Your compassion makes her think you’re an amazing person and makes her feel secure. You have to say these things naturally, not just say I donate money to charity every month. That sounds too conceited and arrogant. You want to make her feel that you’ve done a great job or that you’ve done your best.

Learn her language

This doesn’t apply to all transgender dating. If your transgender date USES a different language than you, you can learn some of her language. If you are not very good at learning new languages, you can simply learn a few words like you are beautiful, thank you and so on. It may sound cheesy but it works. You can imagine if an outsider communicates with you in the language you speak. When you speak her language, be sure to pay attention to the accent and don’t make her feel strange rather than friendly.

These are just a few of the tips that will help you impress your transgender date on your first date. Pay attention to the three points mentioned above, and you will certainly make a good impression on your transgender partner.

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