What To Do About Your Identity For Transgender Guys?

For transgender guys, it might be hard to understand what’s going on at first. You’re in an identity crisis and you don’t know where to turn for help and what to do. You may have some good days but other days are nothing but life. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many trans guys and transgender women struggle with their identity at some point in their lives. Fortunately all hopes were not lost. Here are some ways to help you deal with your identity and find a ts dating.

Recognize that this is a problem

The first thing you should do is recognize or understand that you are experiencing an identity crisis. In fact, this is also the first step to overcome any problem in life. If you do not recognize the problem, you will not make progress. This problem is described in medical terms, dysphoria. This is where one’s identity is completely different from another’s. How bad it is when you have a man inside you and you have to dress like a woman. This can lead to mental distress, social withdrawal and physical pain. Once you’ve realized or understand that this is a problem, then you can move on to the next step.

Look for help to handle the struggle

No matter how powerful you think you are, everyone needs help at some point in their life. The struggle against one’s own identity should not be belittled because it is known that it can make some people lose their minds.
The next step is consultation

A trusted friend

There is a saying that good friends are better than pocket money. It’s really a smart decision to confide in a trusted friend when you’re doubting yourself and feeling down. The comfort of a trusted friend is useful when dealing with an identity crisis, someone who will protect your privacy and perhaps even give you good advice.

The transgender community

Medical professionals should be sought in cases of extreme depression and despair. These are people who have been trained in how to handle this situation and can even prescribe non-drug treatments to help you find your true self. You should be careful, however, because some of these people think it’s an illness that will try to cure you and cause further confusion.

Helping others

After seeking help and ultimately overcoming your identity problems, your last step should be to help others. It’s important to help spread the love and support you need because you won’t be the first or last person to face this challenge. Beyond that, helping others will continue to increase your happiness. This will also allow you to meet new, more flexible people and expand your social circle.

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Why is it better to date a trans woman than an ordinary woman?

When it comes to the first experience of dating a trans girl, many people have the same feeling of embarrassment and at a loss. As a matter of fact, it is highly possible that bring a feeling of embarrassment and fear when you are trying to something at first time. As the saying goes, everything is difficult to begin with. However, it is also a part of adventure or leading to success. In general, a relationship will develop naturally starting from two people knowing each other grows into trust each other. Some man are looking for trans partners through the trans dating app or sites, and most of them have similar feeling for dating a trans girl at the first time.

In fact, a large number of men commenting and describing their first trans date would say it’s an indescribable and complicated date full of doubts. They have many questions. For example, what to do when I go out with a trans girl? What should I talk about with her? Should I kiss her now? Can I touch her body? and so on. Men are attracted to trans women when they are spending time together and tend to consider these matters. There is nothing doubt that if you are interested in transgender women that doesn’t mean you are a gay. According to some surveys and studies. most of men having a transgender dating experience have never been interested in the men. But we’re not talking about all men here. After all, everyone has a choice.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is why so many men find trans women attractive and want to date them. And what’s special about them? Before answer this question, let us refer to the words of one guy who was dating a trans girl after a certain amount of time. According to what he said, trans women have four traits that ordinary women usually don’t have. The first is the communication with a trans girl is easier and more relaxing than a genetic girl because trans women understand men better. This leads to men will feel more harmony and fun when they are dating with trans girls. Therefore, a trans people can be your best friend as well as your life partner.

Compared with genetic women, trans women usually are more tall and stronger. If you need someone to help you to fight back, she must be a good helper. Besides, trans women can also be your mate for playing electronic game, because they are intrinsically good at playing games. And lastly but most significantly, transgender women know what might you like in bed and they are able to do better than any other genetic women.

This article has simply written about the problems of dating a trans woman. If you’re dating a trans woman for the first time, you’d better read some trans dating tips or refer to some articles about transgender people.

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Here’s the Important Tips and Advice to Date a Trans Women

Dating is amazing. It excite everyone’s when someone talk about dating and relationship. There are many tips and guidelines for straight, lesbian, gay or bi-sexual dating. But when we talk about trans dating, there are very few tips and examples where you can get some idea about transgender dating and how to make it a big success while having a transgender partner. Every transsexual or transgender dating requires some essential dating tips to make their dating success and can date for long term as well.

Here are few but essential dating tips for transsexual dating that every men has to follow while going out for date with a transsexual woman:

You must understand the concept of transsexual dating 

Transsexual dating is not only sex and personal pleasure or fulfills your fantasy. Both transgender and transsexual are different terms and the umbrella word used for both those is ‘Trans”. You must understand what is transsexual and transgender and what exactly the difference between transgender and transsexual. Transgender are basically who like to wear dresses like opposite sex but transsexual are those who were born in a particular gender (male or female) but later they undergone with a surgery and change their gender to their opposite sex. These are known as transsexual.
If you are seeking a transsexual woman than always keep in mind that you should not called him with the terms like – ‘Shemale’ or ‘Tranny’ or “Ladyboy’. It’s quite not a good thing and not any transsexual women will take this as a compliment while dating with you. It’s quite one of the irrespective term that you use and may also ruined your date night too.

You must know exactly what your requirements are and why you date with a transsexual woman

Before going out for date with a transsexual woman you must know why you are doing this. What exactly you want from your transsexual date. ‘Sex’ is the only thing that you want from your transsexual woman. If that’s the only reason, than there are many dating websites or adult ads that offer the same services and you can use these services for your personal pleasure as well. But you are not asking the same or demand something that isn’t relevant for your first date. Might be a transsexual woman to whom you are dating is looking for regular date and for long term relationship with you.

This is quite one of the major problem with transsexual women, they won’t get a regular date easily that might go for long and live a healthy relationship. This is quite an obvious thinking for all men that a transsexual woman first goes with for a date and then asks money for this. This is quite a common problem with every man while going for a date with a transsexual woman. But this is not all correct, as most transsexual women really want genuine dating and love from men just like the other women getting from their dating partner.

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Important Tips to know before dating a Transsexual Women

It is important to know what is appropriate and what’s not. What should you talk and what’s not, especially when you are dating a transgender woman. There are very few guidelines, books or tips about how to date transsexual women because this is quite rare and not everyone’s cup of coffee. Few people are still not accepting transsexual women and treat them very badly.
If you are really looking to date a transsexual woman, you must know these essential tips before going out for a transgender dating. Here are some essential tips :

It’s better to let the bedroom talk for bedroom only

dating with transsexual women is not like that you always talk about sex or dirty talks. It’s better to spend some good time with each other while going out. Enjoy the time when you are together, create some unforgettable memories so that the bond between your relationship will stronger than before.

Never use abusive or words while going intimate

you are dating with a transsexual woman and its one of the best time that you are living with your partner. So, it’s important that you never use the terms – ‘Shemale’ or ‘Ladyboy’. This is quite a disrespecting term for any transsexual women. Everyone is looking for some respect at least, either a transsexual, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or straight. So, any transsexual women having some self respect won’t really like to treat badly especially with those terms that are used in pornography or porn movies. You are not making a porn movie or not behaving like one night stand. It’s all for mutual pleasure and you have to respect her too.

Hiding your relationship with Society or Ignore your relationship in front of society or your friends and relatives 

Being a transsexual isn’t mean that you are not a part of this society and you have to hide each and everything especially your emotions or relationship status with a straight man in front of others or society. Transsexual’s are also a part of this society and they have each and equal rights just like others have in society. So, stop restricted transsexual and accept them as they are. If you are in a trans dating with a transsexual woman, it’s completely your choice and this doesn’t consider you as a gay or bi-sexual. Dating with a transsexual never makes you a gay and this is yet to be accepted by society or your friends or relative. Transsexuals are looking a real straight man for relationship and companionship and want the same love and affection from you just like a real genetic women seeking from you.

Women just want to have fun, love and respect and Tran’s women are not different and looking for the same

Each and every women want love and more fun in her relationship. Each and every woman want that her partner will love her and pamper her, so does Transsexual women too want the same from their partner. Don’t abuse them, they are not an exception or different from others. They are a part of this amazing society.

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