Three ways to find your transgender love

First impression

The same as other dating, the first impression is very important if you want to attract a transgender girl. How to make a great first impression? Be a gentleman. Transgender girls are nothing different from ordinary girls, they want to meet and date a gentleman. If you are new to date a transgender woman, I suggest you to learn something about trans dating before meeting your dating partner in real life. Unlike dating an ordinary girl, there are something you cannot ask when dating a transgender girl. Many people are curious about the life of transgender people, so they date transgender women and as many questions about their life and transition. If you want to make friends or have a long-term relationship with a transgender woman, please never do that. If you just date a transgender woman to know more about the life of transgender people, you'd better search online. For both transgender people and cisgender people, dating is the best way to look for a life partner or make new friends. No matter what's your ts dating intention, try to make a good impression on your partner.


Conversation plays an important part in all transgender dating, in other words, all online dating and offline dating start with conversation. However, there are some topics that you can never talk about when dating a transgender woman. First, transition. It is a hard process for all transgender people, and no one wants to call for the bad memory. If you are dating a transgender woman, please don't ask anything about her life before transitioning, or her feeling about transitioning. Second, past relationship. This is a common sense that don't talk about past relationship when dating a new person. The transgender woman you date may be different from the girl you date before, but never compare transgender girl with other cisgender girls you date. It is also rude to talk about your past relationship or ask about your partenrs paast relationships. You can talk something about the common habit or the future plan with your partner.

Be honest

This tip is both for cisgender people and transgender people. If you are a transgender woman dating a cisgender man, make sure he knows who you are before dating. I suggest all transgender women tell other people that you are trans when you chat with them for the first time. It is not only a way to show your honesty, but a way to protect yourself, because many people cannot accept dating a transgender woman. If you are a cisgender man dating a transgender woman, make sure she knows your dating intentions. As far as I know, many people date transgender women for hookup or one-night relationships. While, not all transgender women are looking for short-term relationship online. So, I suggest all men who date transgender women to make an aggrement on the dating intentions before dating. If you looking for a short-term relationship, transgender women who are looking for long-term relationship cannot be the right choices for you.