Transition Mistakes Often Made By Transgender Beginners

There are some common mistakes which are made by most transgender beginners. I'd like to point them out. If you are a transgender beginner, just keep reading and I'm sure you will find them useful.

Wearing too much makeup. Many MTF transgender beginners wear too much makeup because they want to hide their manly appearance as much as possible. They are so terrified that they don't look like a woman or look passable enough. Makeup is like a protective shield for us. The less we wear, the less security we have. As a matter of fact, the more makeup you wear, the less like a girl and less passable you are. For cisgender people, one of the recognition marks of shemale women are makeup. If they see a woman who wears bright-colored and exaggerated makeup, especially when you have a little bit manly body structure, they can definitely see you right through that you are a transgender. That is why you are getting clocked. Makeup is about hiding your disadvantages and show off your advantages. If you have a skin that has coarse pores, you can wear some light foundation to cover them. If you have nice eyes, just slightly put some eye shadows and eye liners on. Try to keep it as natural as possible. Remember, less is more.

Wearing too much feminine clothing. This is the biggest mistake made by many transgender women. Usually when they first start transitioning, they are so eager to demonstrate femininity. Many of them would wear super sexy clothes, such as camisole with lace edge, fishnet stockings with high heels, black stockings with pink miniskirts, etc. These are all major taboos in wearing. Hardly can you find any cisgender women would wear like these. They are far from sexy, only erratic and tasteless. Try to keep your wearing as casual as possible. Only one piece demonstrates your sex appeal will be enough, or you will get just the opposite to what you wish. Also, you have to spend much more effort on learning how to match colors. For example, do not match pink miniskirts with black stockings. Do not match any bright-colored top with another bright-colored pants. Try to stay low-key. Do not catch attention, or you will get clocked as well.

The last is body language. This is also cause by the fear of "unwomen". After being used to be a male for years, suddenly many transgender women do not know how to behave. How to walk like a woman? Will the way I walk give me away? Is the way I talk lady-like? Am I getting clocked for the behavior I just did? It is because of too much concern and too much care, they don't know how to be themselves. They would behave in a way they think it's sexy and feminine. Stiff shoulders. Waving hips. Feigned arms. These are all funny behaviors which may give you away. Try to behave naturally. Be relaxed. Don't force anything. Don't overkill it.