Love Story of a Transgender Woman

I'm a transgender woman, I'm willing to share my story with everyone here, because I hope all transgender people can meet their true love.

Like most of transgender women, I was lack of confidence at first. when I was still a boy several years ago, I was outgoing, and I decided to change my gender into female when I was 20. In fact, I knew that I'm a girl at a very young age. As a transgender oeman, I think I'm the lucky one, because my families all support my decision. Whe I told my dad that I want to be a girl, he was surprising at first, but soon he told me just live the way I like. I dressed like a girl after school at home, and I really enjoy that moments. I started to consult doctors for treatment when I was about 18, the cost of treatment is high, and thanks to the help of my families, I went through the first surgery when I was 20. This is just the start of my transition, I went through another two surgeries in the following three years. This is a hard process of all transgender people.

Now, I'm living as a real woman. The same as all woman, I wanted to meet the right one for a life time relationship. However, finding a dating serious dating partner is more difficult than what I thought. It is easy to find a dating partner for fun and hookup, but when it comes to life time relationship, everything changes completely. After several times of frustrated dating, I lost my confidence. I refused to date anyone for a long time. However, love comes without warning. My friends introduced a transgender dating app to me, and I decided to have a try. In fact, I've already give up hope of meeting a life partner online. I created an account on this trans dating app, several days later, I got an email from a man, I replied to him with some impolite words. I didn't pay much attention to him, because I've received many messages before. He continued to send messages to me everyday, and I continued to reply with impolite words. One day, he sent a long letter to me, I was so surprising that he wrote to share a lot of his information with me. I felt that he was sincerely to date with me. I replied a letter and told him who I am, I'm a transgender woman, I'm looking for serious relationship not for hookup and fun. When I read his profile I knew that he was looking also looking for seriousrelationship with trans woman. I'm so lucky to meet such a man. We had the first date soon, everything went well in the first dating. We both believe that we are the right one of each other after several times of dating. We are in a love relationship now, and we are pretty sure we are the life partner of each other.