Why are so many Filipino trans women looking for love abroad?

When you look at singles on transgender dating sites, you may notice that the majority of transgender people are trans women from the Philippines, which raises the question: why are so many Filipino transgender looking for love among foreign men? Is it all about money? Or is there something sincere behind their intentions? Look, if they're just desperate for money, there's nothing left to write about. Of course, there are some transgender girls who don't mind receiving money for a service, but here we're talking about honest and decent transgender women who are looking for true love and lifelong partners. As a matter of fact, there are now a lot of decent Filipino trans women looking for foreign men to find relationships. So why do these trans women like to date foreign men? Here's what our study found.

Foreign men are particularly popular among transgender asians

Have you ever wondered why you like Asian girls? Because they are so feminine and they are attracted to their natural elegance, right? In other words, in the eyes of western men, they are so different from the girls who live in their country. For exactly the same reason, Filipino transgender women prefer foreign men: they often look masculine, taller and whiter. These are probably the most obvious qualities that distinguish western men from local filipinos, and therefore make them so popular among Filipino shemale people.

Foreign men are committed to trans relationships

That's basically the main reason that transgender people are not just interested in money. In fact, Filipino men are not keen on having a formal relationship with a transgender woman, and they have many reasons to do so. Still, local men may dream as much of a transgender girlfriend as western men, but they worry about disappointing conservative parents. The Philippines is a Catholic country with a strong religious faith and conservative views of family and relationships. That's why any man willing to introduce a transgender girlfriend to his parents is most likely to face opposition and criticism from his family and society. As strong believers, Filipino men may also feel guilty before god.

Foreign men can bring confidence to the future

This reason can be said to have nothing to do with the desire for luxury. While Filipino transgender people live in a society where people don't know what will happen tomorrow, western men have a completely different mindset and tend to plan 30 years in advance. Of course, transgender people prefer to find a foreign partner who will give them financial security and confidence in their future. Of course, not all transgender people are poor, and many of them have decent jobs or come from wealthy families. Even these girls are looking for a foreign man to date!